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Frequently Asked Questions

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1)  What is the total cost per square foot for the completed homes?
Selection and pricing of materials, labor, supervision, etc. constantly change with time and location.  A rough budgetary starting price would be approx. $130.00 per square foot for an "economy" home.  A first step would be to show the "builder" our website, to get their rough budgetary estimate.

2)  Where is shipping from?
Our prefab passive solar home kits are fabricated in local "wood truss/wall panel manufacturing plants" near your site.

3)  What type of foundation can be used?
Being that these homes use standard construction practices, most foundations, including basement foundations, will work well.

4)  Advantages of our design in comparison with traditional ways of building?
We use conventional materials innovatively.  Our concept is to use standard proven simple "environmentally friendly" building materials in an energy efficient, long term cost-savings way.

5)  Are southern overhangs adjusted for different locations?
Overhangs are adjusted for locations, for minimized sun in summer and maximized sun in winter.

6)  Could French doors be substituted for sliding glass doors?
Yes, but I would recommend door closers to dampen effects of strong winds.  French doors usually have less glass per square foot than sliding glass doors, and therefore would let less sun in.

7)  What do you think about using a metal roof instead of shingles?
It's my opinion that metal roofs come with noise during expansion/contraction, and while raining.  But metal roofs are durable and have advantages in ice damming areas.  Kezar Homes are very flexible when it comes to construction materials, and can accept most roofing/siding systems.

8)  How easy is it to modify the home after it is built?
The homes are easy to modify being that standard, conventional construction techniques are used.

9)  Are there any catalogs?
Our website serves as our catalog.

10)  Does the climate matter where these homes are built?
No, as long as they are modified to fit local building codes.

11)  How long do your homes take to build?
Being that standard, conventional construction techniques are used, the time of construction is similar to the time of construction of a "typical" home.

12)  Where can a Kezar Home been seen?
To date, one is completed in New Jersey, as shown on the website.  Visitors are welcome.