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The Angelo-  A passive solar micro house with open plan living area (approx. 12' x 16') designed with center stove surrounded by living, dining, sleeping and kitchen area. This comfortable living space includes windows to let in natural light, heating and beauty of the outdoors. Offers an eco-friendly affordable prefabricated passive solar micro home design.  Solar house plans and prefabricated home kits are available.

angelo kezarhomes affordable natural light                  kezarhomes angelo prefab home elevations     kezarhomes angelo prefab home     kezarhomes mircro angelo prefab      kezarhomes micro angelo elevation plans                                                   Isometric Angelo prefab home

    Join the excitement of providing solutions.  Approx. $3,800.00 material expenses to be repaid. 

   kezarhomes micro home step1    kezarhomes micro angelo step 2   kezarhomes micro house step 3   kezarhomes micro construction 4      tinyhomesolutionnj


 kezarhomes micro house step 6   kezarhomes micro house step 7    kezarhomes prefab microhouse construction    kezarhomes prefab microhouse 8    microangelo prefab microhouse 10

micro angelo lifted  micro angelo landed in point pleasant      All donations go directly towards completion of microhome #1.   Help us create self-sustaining homes.    

    angelo kezarhomes lakeside      angelo kezarhomes framing kit pieces         angelo kezarhomes assembled kit   angelo kezarhomes small first floorangelo kezarhomes small passive solar          

Approximate Material Price List:

"Wood-Framing" Home Kit * $ 3,100    
Windows and Doors $ 1,500    
Roofing (Asphalt Shingles) $ 700    
Siding (Standard Economy) $ 800    
Plumbing Fixtures, Hot Water Heater $ 1,500    
Miscellaneous $ 4,700    
Total Materials $ 12,300    
* limited to partial rough framing panels and roof trusses with associated lumber materials and hardware to assemble rough framing of the structures.   Our intent is to offer the preliminary design and various materials for the contruction, by others, of a 190 SF (18 m2) home for approximately $12,700 (labor and fees) and approximately $12,300 (materials), with a total of approximately $25,000.  These budgetary estimates will vary with labor rates, productivity, materials selections, fees, etc..