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Building Science

small preliminary house plans

The "preliminary design drawings" option includes preliminary design drawings along with suggested material lists for windows, doors, roofing, siding, drywall, flooring, millwork trim and proposed bathroom and kitchen layouts.  Kezar Homes, LLC will grant to the Purchaser a limited, non-exclusive license to 1) utilize the Preliminary Design Drawings to engage the services of a local registered architect* or licensed engineer to prepare all plans, computations and specifications required for a construction permit application, and 2) construct one (1) Kezar Home.

* Some jurisdictions allow single family home owners to prepare their own house plans for construction of their private residences.  Check the requirements of your local municipality.

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The "wood framing" kit option includes; 1) the preliminary design drawings option as described above,  plus 2) prefabricated roof trusses/framing assembly, prefabricated "rough-framed" wall panels for framing, fastening hardware and step-by-step instructions on how to assemble the prefabricated "rough-framed" system.  Please Note:  The "wood framing" kit will be strictly limited to "rough framed" prefabricated wood panels/trusses/framing, with associated hardware to assemble the rough framing of the structure, and will not include any other items such as site work, foundation work, masonry work, concrete work, finishes, heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical.

Natural simplicity and sustainability of nature are the focus of Kezar Homes.

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Science behind the design

Minimizing surface area while maximizing floor space, sustainable materials, insulation, passive solar heat gain, natural ventilation and light.

Refined through years of building experience, our homes are characterized by a rich complex atmosphere, moderate expense and great comforts.

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