About Kezar Homes

Kezar Homes is lowering carbon footprints by creating eco-friendly, sustainable, energy conserving homes. Our inspiration comes from the natural beauty, ingenuity and traditions of Kezar Lake in Maine.

Bill Taylor | Architectural Engineer

With in-depth construction experience, William J. Taylor, P.E., inspires the designs and prefabricated building material home kits offered by Kezar Homes. Bill is also the CEO of Saltbox Homes, a nonprofit that aims to provide homes for those facing hard times.

Bill combines the ecological aspects of “the design of nature” acquired at the University of Pennsylvania (BA in Biology), with the structural design and construction management techniques acquired at the University of Michigan (BSE in Civil Engineering).

From Complexity to Simplicity.  Re-entering the Web of Life.

The science behind design is simple: lower carbon footprint by minimizing surface area while maximizing floor space, using sustainable materials, insulation, passive solar heat gain (the ice-burn effect), natural ventilation and natural light. 

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